Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Baan 26 Restaurant
For Thai dining choices, one the best eateries is the Baan 26 Restaurant. The proprietors of this restaurant assure their guests that the food they will order will be authentic while other restaurants in the area only offer a tempered down version of Thai food. Just one of the choices visitors will be able to make is the Sea Bass that has a reputation for combining several delectable flavors at once. People will be able to pair their dinner selections with beverages from all over the world, including Europe and South America.

Ristorante L'Opera
Of the many Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, one of the most popular is Ristorante L'Opera. What people will not be able to find here is pork but they will be able to order several other dishes one would expect at an Italian eatery, including salads, pasta and pizza. With a choice of salmon, chicken and dumplings, guests will have plenty on the menu to keep them satisfied.

DELIcious at the Marc Residence
Located within Ms. Read boutique, this eatery started out small. Now that it has grown to a full-sized restaurant, it offers shoppers many opportunities for enjoying grilled chicken, spaghettini and lamb dishes. The restaurant has also become well known for its delicious desserts. Just one of the choices is the Tiramisu but chocolate lovers will not be disappointed in the chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream.

Spain is not to be left unrepresented on this list of great restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. When travelers are ready to partake in fine dining on an evening out about town, one of the best choices to make is the Spanish restaurant Mezze. In order to prepare dishes with duck, chicken, lamb, and shrimp, the chefs send out for their ingredients from all over the world. For those who need something a little more a familiar, they may order the mushroom pizza.

CoChine Restaurant & Bar SaVanh
The CoChine Restaurant & Bar SaVanh gives people a chance to indulge in Asian cuisine where they will enjoy the food of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. As people walk in, they will know that they have found the right place because of the ubiquitous smell of jasmine everywhere they go. With a bar on its premises, the time to go to this restaurant is at night when the population comes to enjoy music and drinks as well as the food.